CARJA Yoga Studio & Academy was founded in 2017 by three urban yogis – Caroline, Jennifer & Rodrigo – raised in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Carja Yoga offers yoga classes, workshops and yoga teacher training courses to those who wish to delve deep into yoga or become certified yoga teachers.

The meaning of ‘Yoga’ is to unite or to join, and Carja Yoga was formed by the united vision of Caroline, Rodrigo and Jennifer. Hence the name ‘Carja’ is derived by uniting the first letter of each founder’s name, CRJ (Caroline, Rodrigo & Jennifer).


How We Started

The trio had been practicing yoga for many years while in their full-time corporate careers. After being stressed out and miserable from their personal and office life, both sisters – Caroline and Jennifer – decided to travel to India as an escape from life’s misery, and to deepen their yogic passion. The two sisters then had a strong calling to quit their corporate career and eventually returned to India (this time with Rodrigo) to further explore the depths of yoga. Caroline, Rodrigo & Jennifer have since travelled far and wide and across many countries to learn from Yogi masters, gurus and Buddhist monks from the Himalayas, in order to experience authentic and holistic yoga teachings. Yoga gave Caroline, Rodrigo & Jennifer more purpose and a greater sense of self, a discovery of the potentialities and possibilities of what it means to be human.

From here on, the trio had a vision of opening a yoga studio, to serve their local community in a mindful way. With a humble beginning and small budget, all three worked diligently to create Carja Yoga Studio & Academy – a hub that would allow others to experience this transformative practice of yoga. Having started their careers in the corporate world, the trio understands the importance and need for mindfulness. Their goal is to educate and inspire others through the practice of yoga so we can all live more mindful, happy and empowered lives.

Caroline, Rodrigo & Jennifer now share their knowledge and passion of the universal system of yoga, offering Yoga Teacher Trainings to those who wish to transform their lifestyle or start a new empowered career in Yoga teaching. Their upcoming book, “The Urban Yogi Handbook: A Yogic Guide To Connecting With Your True Self” is coming out soon.


CARJA Yoga exists to inspire connection and mindfulness
within the community, in an accessible manner.


We are not your everyday yoga studio & school.

We Genuinely Care

We care about your health and wellbeing. We created this space so you can breathe, stretch, stay connected with yourself and unwind in a safe space.

Community Focused

We believe in staying connected with our clients even outside the yoga class, hosting community or fundraising events such as movie nights, pot lucks and kirtans. We also partner with local schools to bring yoga to kids.

Specialised Yoga Teachers

All our yoga teachers are experienced & highly trained. We incorporate the yogic principles of Pranayama (breathing techniques), Asana (movement) and Dhyana (meditation, concentration and awareness) within our classes.

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